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HELLO-COUNTDOWN CARD (Discounts & Privileges Card)
+Discount Guide 2002-Thailand
Discount Guide: 180~230mm 152pages
Contents in Discount Guide 2002-Thailand
Merchant Index in Discount Guide 2002-Thailand
New Merchants(Countdown Card/Hello Card)
Card Validity: 1year
@Set Price: Bht.980

I. Welcome to Hello-Countdown Discounts & Privileges Card in Thailand
It's a wonderful new way to shop and dine in Thailand and throughout the world.
With Hello - Countdown Discount Card you'll enjoy up to a fantastic 50% discount at over two thousand selected participating outlets throughout the country. And at over one hundred thousand outlets worldwide.
This covers a wide selection of restaurants, as well as shops of practically every nature. And most of them are popular outlets located in the main market centres. So chances are, your favourite shops could very well be on our list and you can enjoy discounts you've never had before.
Worldwide Air Ticketing / Hotel Reservation, The Hello- Countdown cardholders are able to enjoy up to 50% off published room rates at more than 3,000 hotels in Thailand and around the world. Just make your reservation with our hotel reservation department at 72 hours notice for local hotels and 96 hours for overseas hotel booking. Members can also enjoy our Air Ticketing Services which offering members at a very attractive rate.

II. Terms and Conditions
1. The MBf Countdown Discount Card must be signed only by the signatory in order to obtain discounts at listed retailers in accordance with these terms and conditions.
2. Payments may only be made by credit card if so indicated in the book. All payments must conform to any minimum payments of exclusions listed or approved by MBf Countdown Discounts (Thailand) Ltd. And displayed by the retailer.
3. Unless stated otherwise, discounts, special offers and other privileges do not apply to sal items, special offers or price-controlled items.
4.In every even, the MBf Countdown Discount Card must be shown BEFORE the cash register is rung up (e.g. when asking for your restaurant bill) or at time of payment whichever occurs first.
5. When using your card in restaurants, Including hotel restaurants, discounts will generally apply to charges of the same table. Please check with the management when a reservation or on arrival.
6. Whilst every endeavour is made in ensure that discounts are only offered at reputable establishments, MBf Discount Cards (Thailand) Ltd. Cannot accept responsibility for quality merchandise or service provided, nor for omissions or errors contained in this guidebook or for any misrepresentations which may occur, especially when the guidebook becomes out of date. All information are correct at the time of going to press in 1st May 2000. MBf Discount Cards (Thailand) Ltd. Will accept no liability for any injury sustained or illness resulting from or during visit to any of the establishments listed in this guidebook. Cardholder may not receive the stated discount or privileges in the event of outlets listed Changing hands or closing down.

III. Our Money Back Guaruntee
All shops and services listed have signed an agreement to give genuine discounts to holders of valid MBf Countdown Discount Cards. If you are ever refused the discount listed, please ask for a receipt and send it to us within one month with relevant details. We will refund your discount, provided of course that you have followed the instructions under "Terms & Conditions" Misunderstandings do occur so please let us know immediately to prevent future problems for others.

IV. New Merchant after 2002 issue
Please refer to insertion in Discount Guide 2002-Thailand.

V. Corporation with HELLO CARD
You can also use your card at HELLO CARD participating outlets.

HELLO-COUNTDOWN CARD is available at;
Asia Books, Kinokuniya, Tokyodo.
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HELLO CARD Discounts & Privileges
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