Author: Keisuke Tsujii

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Here is an ultimate solution for a factory. Having studied various factories of the world for more than 40 years, the author crystallized his knowledge and experience into this book. This book introduces the fundamentals, practical examples, and history of manufacturing so that the reader may find an appropriate solution to production management. The solution, free from superficial industry trends, will be useful in various operational situations in both domestic and foreign countries.

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Release: June 2011

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From Fundamentals to a Global System Applicable to Any Factory in the World

1. Business Model and Factory Function
  1.1 Business Model
  1.2 Factory Function
  1.3 Functional Hierarchy
  1.4 Items in Factory

2. Basic Information for Production
  2.1 Tables of Basic Information
  2.2 Structure and Data Item of Table
    2.2.1 Customer Table
    2.2.2 Vendor Table
    2.2.3 Item Table Product by Customer Table Material by Vendor Table Indirect Material Table
    2.2.4 BOM (Bill of Material)
    2.2.5 Routing Table
    2.2.6 Relation between Routing Table and BOM
    2.2.7 Code Table

3. Customer Order Processing and Delivery
  3.1 Keyword of Customer Order Processing and Delivery
  3.2 Function of Customer Order Processing
    3.2.1 Customer Order and Delivery of Production-to-Stock Product
    3.2.2 Customer Order of Production-to-Order Product
    3.2.3 Returned Material Authorization

4. Purchase
  4.1 Keyword of Purchase
  4.2 Function of Purchase Order Processing
    4.2.1 Purchase of Direct Materials and Trade Goods
    4.2.2 Purchase of Indirect Materials

5. Inventory
  5.1 Keyword of Inventory
  5.2 Function of Inventory Management
    5.2.1 Quantity Management
    5.2.2 Value Management

6. Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  6.1 Keyword of MRP
  6.2 Function of MRP
    6.2.1 Total Image of MRP
    6.2.2 BOM Explosion
    6.2.3 Simple Exercise of MRP
    6.2.4 Production Order and Completion Report

7. Product Costing
  7.1 Keyword of Product Costing
  7.2 Costing Procedure
    7.2.1 Block Diagram of Product Costing
    7.2.2 Allocation of Direct Labor Cost and Overhead Cost
    7.2.3 Example of Product Cost Calculation
    7.2.4 MAAP and GAAP

8. Practice of Production Management
  8.1 Supplementary Note
    8.1.1 Code System
    8.1.2 Distinction between Engineering BOM and Manufacturing BOM
    8.1.3 MRP and Simple Production Plan without MRP
    8.1.4 Global System Background of Global System and Network Structure System Development and Implementation Advantage of Global System
  8.2 Business Process Improvement
    8.2.1 Example of As Is Analysis
    8.2.2 Example of Business Process Improvement
  8.3 Author’s Impressions of Factories